16.09.2014Cotton made in Africa Publishes First Annual Report

Sustainable Cotton Initiative Reaches 440,000 African Smallholder Farmers in 2013 and Records License Revenues of More Than One Million Euros

06.08.2014CmiA-IREN and FA254 launch African Fashion Designer Contest

African Fashion Designers for Tomorrow

Why do you support CmiA?Statements by business managers

More than 20 companies from the clothing sector are currently partners of the international Demand Alliance of Cotton made in Africa. Their reasons for joining the initiative vary widely, ranging from the good quality of African cotton to the idea of sustainability, to an authenticity bonus for their products.

Helping people to help themselvesWin-win situation for clothing suppliers and cotton farmers

Cotton made in Africa works on the principles of a social business. That means the initiative operates in accordance with sound business methods, except that is it does not aim to maximise the profits of individuals, but rather to improve the conditions of life of a large number of African cotton farmers ...