Why do you support CmiA?Statements by business managers

More than 20 companies from the clothing sector are currently partners of the international Demand Alliance of Cotton made in Africa. Their reasons for joining the initiative vary widely, ranging from the good quality of African cotton to the idea of sustainability, to an authenticity bonus for their products.

Otto Group

“The Cotton made in Africa project launched by Dr. Michael Otto once more made him a trail blazer for a sustainability success story. This project achieved very high acceptance levels and dissemination in the clothing market within a short period. Many of the companies in the Otto Group include CmiA garments in their product range, and will considerably expand this in the coming business years.”

Andreas Streubig, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Otto Group

Andreas Streubig
Hans-Peter Hiemer


“Cooperation with Cotton made in Africa enables us to support Africa and at the same time to increase resources there. What we particularly like about this project is that the cotton farmers get targeted support, and it builds up Africa’s position as a player in the world market.”

Hans-Peter Hiemer, Management Global Sourcing & Logistics


Christoph Rosa

Tom Tailor

“We want to buy cotton in good quality, at reasonable prices. At the same time, we want to work with success in an emerging continent, and to support development of the African economy. That is why we are involved in Cotton made in Africa.”

Christoph Rosa, CPO – Head of Product Development, Purchasing and Licences at TOM TAILOR Holding AG


“The use of African cotton makes our Africa collections even more authentic, and thus more desirable. At the same time our support for Cotton made in Africa is a contribution to improvement in the quality of life of many African smallholder farmers, and to implementation of ecological standards in Africa.”

Jochen Zeitz, PUMA AG

Jochen Zeitz


"Thanks to Cotton made in Africa our supply chain for cotton products at Tchibo is more sustainable and also makes a contribution to the development of African cotton growers."

Achim Lohrie, director responsible for corporate responsibility, Tchibo GmbH

Albert Watson: Visions feat. Cotton made in AfricaThe exhibition and the project behind it

This exceptional collaboration with fashion and commercial photographer Albert Watson will provide insight into the cotton farmers' worlds and transport a better awareness of CmiA's work.

The photos will illustrate the initiative's goal to improve social conditions in the smallholder farmers’ lives without visual stereotypes. The aim is in contrast to show a new image of African living environments – through the eyes of Albert Watson. In addition to the cotton harvest, that was underway during the journey, Watson has also visited traditional markets and a regional king in Benin to get an impression of the diversity of life in Benin and its people.

African cottonIn demand worldwide

African cotton is almost exclusively grown by smallholder farmers, using sustainable growing methods with harmony between agriculture, the natural environment and human beings. About 8% of the cotton traded in the world market is harvested in Sub-Saharan Africa. In Africa cotton is almost exclusively grown by smallholder farmers, and there are only very few large plantations. ...